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Let's get to it shall we?

Have a look a this list. Right NOW, where do you fit?

  • No Ideas? – No Time?
  • No money – No idea ?
  • I have Time and Money but BLANK on ideas.
  • Want something different, a unique gift idea?
  • Determined to have an impact this time!!
  • This is a special milestone for a special person…
  • I want to it to show them how I really feel!

No matter where you are right now, I can guarantee you won't be the first person feeling that way.

"...Plan & Spend Wisely - Celebrate Extravagantly..."

We get loads and loads of people looking, telling us what they want and what they are frustrated with when looking for birthday things -- whatever they are!

The site looks at the whole idea of having a birthday and offers one simple promise....

"..the ideas will have awesome impact..."

That's a big promise don't you think?

Sure! Well....only if I can't back it up.

My gift to You...
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My BEST! Birthday Approach..

I take a before, during, and after approach to making the time memorable. Be they having their first or their 50th, the ideas contained will be cost effective and utterly unique for that person.

Are we talking about grand occasions with elaborate settings?


It’s more a case of thinking up something unique and relevant to the "star". It can be something they enjoy in private, with select others or the whole tribe!!

You just wave your magic wand and presto!!

Ahh, you don't have a wand?

That's where I come in. It's like having your own online birthday wizard.

So, there is lots to stick around for.

The ideas and thoughts expressed here come from many places. Mostly from my work over the years as a Dad who's been a Tour Guide, a Recreation Consultant, an Activity Coordinator at a Spa and Corporate Facilitator.

I have spent my life creating occasions for people to share, learn and remember.

I love this work!

And I'm just warming up!

Happy Birthdays to You and Yours.


Neal @ BBPI

Phew! You're here at last.
I need your HELP! today...

I am in need of stories about your birthday experiences.
The good, the bad and the downright incredible. Something you did or was done for you. Maybe one of your friends!

Tell us your
BEST Birthday Moment OR
BEST Birthday Blooper
and I'll add it to the site - priceless memories for the whole world to share.

There are FREE RESOURCES up for grabs. A Best B-day Check-List AND 
Best B-day Web Links 2006 of what's hot online today - not some dated junk!!

Yes!! What do I do?

Please Remember:
your privacy is priceless.
I will always
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Examples at We had the BEST! time

PS: What you can expect…

My best wishes firstly, and thanks for dropping by.

Also, I want this to be a place to return to find inspiration, maybe solve a dilemma, perhaps even build a business -- who knows!

You and I will do this by...

Check-listed approaches to stepping through the ideas.

Access to cool products and even cooler Party Experts.

Saying goodbye to embarrassing “I forgot” blushes or worse.

Having people talking about what you've done for years.

Losing the last minute trips to the 7-11… don't do it, please!

Making the whole build up and occasion unexpected and totally awesome.

Who can play?

Dads can get together with kids, adults with each other, work colleagues can be inspired, you name it, anyone who has a birthday!

The fun and enjoyment starts with the planning, builds with the assembly and ROCKS the HOUSE with the delivery!!


Some of our visitors had this response

"I feel that today “I’m special”.
(Estelle, 74 yr old Grandma)

"Wow, I can’t believe you did that for me!"
(Corbin, 34 yr old Boss)

"Amazing! Where did you think of that?"
(Hiroshi, 42 yr old Dad)

"Have you been planning this awhile?
I had no idea?"

(Karin, 28 yr old friend)

"I know you care, but this is FANTASTIC"

(Zoe, 14 yr old Daughter)

"I'm so touched. This means so much to me."
(Misty, 32 yr old Mum)

"This rocks! It's like I'm the only one in the world."
(Marie, 23yr old co-worker)

"Ouga ga goo gaa gooooo!"
(Saxon, 1yr old son)

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