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Alfresco Birthday Party Idea? Think Picnic!
Picnic ideas to turn another birthday into a never forget occasion.
Get clear on what you need and where to go for picnic support.  more...

The Party Idea Cycle
"Where do you get the ideas from?" There is method in the mayhem. How to generate ideas for celebrations. Never be stuck for what to do again. more...

Birthday Party Planning Paralysis
What to do when the Birthday Beast appears with its negative voice. How to recognize the voice in your head is not helping. more...

A Birthday Idea Generator
Thoughts on where to go for party inspiration and creativity. Ten places to look and the best is in the bathroom! Really!

Better Business Birthdays

7 Habits of Highly Effective Birthday Rebels. Navigating the Birthday at Work minefield. more...

Themes: Birthday Planning or Birthday Problems?
A party theme without planning is only a dream. A 10 point check-list of crucial elements when considering a theme.

Unique Gift Ideas
Finding a gift can really get you down. Some tips to help remove Same-Gift Phobia

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